President Akıncı Attends 21st Eurasian Economic Summit

President Mustafa Akıncı and his spouse Meral Akıncı travelled to İstanbul yesterday to attend the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit as guests of the Marmara Group Foundation.


Speaking to reporters ahead of his departure, President Akıncı informed about the summit and the forthcoming meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader on April 16th.

Akıncı stated that approximately five hundred state and government officials, academicians and business people have attended the summit.Today, President Mustafa Akıncı will give a speech at the presidential session on the subject of “The Dilemma of our Century: Technology vs. Politics”.

Akıncı reminded that he will also meet with leaders of represented parties in the Assembly tomorrow morning in order to discuss his upcoming meeting with Anastasiades.

“We will have a meeting after a ten-month break. I think this is a normal delay, because both sides have had elections. Now, the elections are over and Mr. Anastasiades has been re-elected. We will come together to see whether we are at the same point as ten months ago, or is there a change in the way they think. I would like to clearly express that this will not be a negotiation, and does not mean that negotiations will resume from where they ended in Crans Montana. This needs to be understood,” said Akıncı.

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