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Leader Rohingya: Le Myanmar veut éradiquer les musulmans d’Arakan

Le président de l’Arakan Rohingya national organisation, Nurul Islam, a souligné la persistance de l’injustice ethnique, religieuse et politique à…

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Islamic Bank To Meet Business World İn Turkey İn April

– Islamic Development Bank Group event to be held in Aegean Izmir province, says Turk Eximbank CEO İKTİSAT GROUP –…

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Islamic Bank IDB Officially Launches $500M Science Fund

– Fund to support scientists in finding solutions to challenges in Muslim World, Islamic Development Bank says in Tunis İKTİSAT…

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The World Gold Council and the International Islamic Finance Market are on a business alliance to improve access to Islamic investors gold market

The International Islamic Finance Market (IIFM) and the World Gold Council (WGC) held a meeting in Istanbul on March 28,…

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Islamic Bank Meeting Discusses Youth Entrepreneurship

– Annual meeting of Islamic Development Bank held in Tunisian capital from April 1-5 By Gokhan Ergocun İKTİSAT GROUP –…

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